Religious Affiliated Benefits

Alexander Benefits Consulting, utilizing solutions established within their large, long-standing Non-Profit Healthcare platforms, developed a unique benefits niche specifically for religious organizations by creating cost effective and service-centric benefit programs specifically designed with the unique needs of this industry segment.


– Ministries may ask for a competitive employee benefits assessment for comparative purposes with no obligation to participate
– Experienced  Industry Consultants carefully select the insurers and services with your best interest in mind, coupling them with the proprietary advantages
– Entry and exit from our program is voluntary; no participants have exited the program since its inception
– National Account program eligibility regardless of your organizational size

What This Means for You

– Proprietary pricing through ABC’s program equating to lower plan cost due to reduced underwriting expenses
– Price stability associated with fee and rate guarantees beyond usual industry standards which provides budget stability
– Specialized design features which cover US resident’s in the United States and Internationally
– National Account service representation regardless of your organizational size
– Review of provider performance on a quarterly basis, recommending action on any service issue that does not meet delivery standards